And again Maja created a creative wedding table inspiration. In three words I would describe it as urban, autumnal and rustic. It is inspired by the colors of late summer sunsets, the deep woods and industrial textures.
This time I would like to introduce Maja to you. From my point of view she is much more than a florist. She is an artist, creative soul, wild heart and has such an incredible sense for colors, textures, style and materials. She designs and realizes individual wedding styles with all her passion and heart.
Way back a few years ago when I started my photography business full-time I was searching for another soul with similar visions concerning weddings. And happily we found each other.
There are days we spend together just walking around in the woods, drinking coffee at the lake or sitting in her shop and thinking about what can we create to inspire future weeding couples.
We believe a wedding is about celebrating the love of your life in a relaxed and authentic gathering style. We want to inspire couples to trust their gut feeling and going for the wedding they really want from the bottom of their hearts. Be it in the mountains, at the lake, in your favorite backyard or in the middle of the woods. The important thing is that it is really Y O U !
What we love to create is not the cheesy, pink, princess kind of wedding, but the one inspired by the wild nature, the abundance of the seasons, the smell of the woods and the simplicity and pureness of kinfolk.